Custom tuning

“If everything would be perfect..” things are not perfect but we do our best to reach the perfection.
Our garage is located în Cluj-Napoca.

17.Machines creates custom motorcycles with a unique blend of craftsmanship, customization and attention to details. Our custom services make every motorcycle as unique as their new rider.
Don’t be afraid of being different. Be afraid of being like everyone else.

If you want to order your own 17.Machines motorcycle please feel free to get în touch with us.

Our  services include:

Donor bike selection

If you do not know exactly what type of custom motorcycle you want, we can help you find the right model.

Moto service

Before being modified, the motorcycle will be fully serviced to make sure it works perfectly.

This includes bearing change, chain kit, electrical installation, suspension service, valve clearance, gasket change, oil, etc.

The most important thing we do is carburetor tuning. By modifying the air filters and sport exhaust, the carburetors need a rejjeting and a rather complicated adjustment for the engine to operate in normal parameters. We do this using high-performance tools such as the Gunson spark plug, digital thermometer, synchronization manometer and Lambda sensor for exhaust gases analysis.

Frame design

The rear of the chassis will be modified to take the shape of the new motorcycle, but leaving intact its resistance structure.


Custom manufactured parts

Depending on the needs, the new metal parts will be manufactured using machines such as the lathe, milling machine, welding machine.


Engine sandblasting and painting

Before being painted, the engine will be washed, sandblasted and degreased. We use a heat-resistant paint.


Polising parts

The metal parts will be polished or finely brushed.


Powder coating of frame, wheels  and parts

The frame, wheels and other metal parts will be sandblasted and painted in electrostatic field.


Seat design and fabrication

The seat will be made of high density sponge and upholstered in natural leather.

Custom paint

Ordering new parts

Custom parts will be ordered by us depending on customer requirements and the type of motorcycle.